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             I am a former photojournalist and filmmaker. During open-heart surgery in 2012, I suffered a major stroke leaving me legally blind and subject to vivid visual hallucinations. This life event changed my artistic vision, opening up an entirely new visual style. With a life-long habit of experimentation, I picked up my iPad and started to explore. Because I was raised by engineers / inventors, I embraced regeneration as a way of life, so I focused my limited attention on what could be invented and created. Taking those facial fragments that filled half of my lost visual field and utilizing imaging software that corrupts visual data, I was effectively able to replicate what was happening with information within my own brain.


It wasn’t until years later that I learned from neurologists and neuroscientists that my stroke allowed subconscious imagery to reach my conscious awareness.  I find a certain splendor in taking a corrupted .png file on an iPad - a technique from the 21st century - and making an iron print from that file - a technique invented in the 19th century.

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